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Legacy by Pellon, L-RB-96, New England Quilt Supply
New England Quilt Supply

Legacy by Pellon

Legacy Flame Retardant Rayon Batting, 96 x 9 yds
Flame Retardant Rayon

Permanently fire resistant, exhibits low smoke [& non -toxic gas] emission, with no melting [no burning drops]. Rayon is biodegradable and breathable making it a pleasure to wear in garment and to sleep beneath.
96" x 9 yards double and rolled onto a bolt boards.

Touch to believe softness - rayon retains warmth, making it perfect for those seeking a warm quilt to sleep under. The ULTRA soft loft of this fiber has created the ultimate baby quilt batting. The definition to the stitch is sure to please hand and machine quilters.
Loft 1/8. Stitching distance: 8 to 10 due to the super lightweight scrim binder. Shrinkage 4/6%.
96 x 9 yards - double and rolled onto a bolt board.

retail $111.40

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