New England Quilt Supply



Snowing here, and in my opinion, the best weather for quilting!

So what’s new in closeouts? Well, we had a very largeshipment that is being un-packed and bagged as we speak. What is ready to gonow includes some very cute fleece, 60” wide and $5.00/yard. Then there aresome good quality batiks, mostly about 8 yard bolts and selling for $7.50/yard.



Update on fat quarters. The RJR fatquarters are in boxes of 180 for $324.00 - that’s $1.80 each. If 180 pieces aretoo many, we also have color bundles of 20 fat quarters for $40.00.   Bycolor bundle I mean that one color predominates in the bundle.


New lines from Studio E include Cattitude, Alpha Fish,Camp-a-Long Critters and Huggable & Loveable Books, all at $11.80/yard. Alsoin the new department is Sunburst from Benartex Kanvas. Webought the blue/green colorway, but the red/orange is available and orderable.

On sale, due to an overstock, are the Quilter’s Rule MiniSquares, QR-MS.

All RJR fabrics in stock are now $6.10/yard!

And last of all, did you mark your calendar for our Open House,April 16, 17 and 18? What? You didn’t? Well here’s a reminder! Hope to see youthen.  



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